Monday, November 29, 2010

Old fotos of Hong Kong

Over the weekend during a family party, we talked about Hong Kong, being one of the easiest cities to travel to for a whirlwind weekend getaway—the airport is conveniently linked with the metro (MTR) to the city and within minutes you are in downtown Kowloon amidst all the shops and restaurants while Hong Kong Island is just another metro stop or a few minutes ferry ride away. And I just realized that I have not really featured Hong Kong in my blog, and that is why I am posting this now to make up for the lack.

At the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong Island looking over Central District, taken with a pre-digital camera, roll of film developed and printed, scanned and then uploaded =)

I’d really love to visit this bustling city again. Would love to saunter on the busy streets, smell smoked peking ducks hanging from each restaurant’s window and watch the cooks shout at each other in shrilly Cantonese, try one of those Hongkong style tea with milk—an inheritance from the old British colonial days, shop, shop and shop (for culinary stuff!), then trek to Victoria Peak for the panoramic sunset.

Cantonese, they say is the hardest of all Chinese languages, and this is Hong Kong’s main language of instruction. The only achievement I have from my Chinese summer lessons in the 70’s is I am able to count in Fookien (struggling a bit though) and count in Mandarin as well, but just up to 10, haha. My sister though is way better, she may not be that fluent in speaking but she can understand Mandarin and write as well.

Dutchman was in Hongkong a few months back but he didn’t bring back new fotos with him so please bear with these very old pre-digital days fotos that managed to survive many laptop tragedies and migrations, taken some 8 years ago.

Hmm, I think it is time to visit Hongkong again.

Travel Period: August 2002
Destination: Hongkong, China

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