Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Dinner 2010

This year the family ‘Kerstdiner’ (Christmas Dinner) was held at the second Dutch sisters’ home on the 25th. Christmas in the Netherlands is celebrated 2 days—December 25 and 26.

Each of us had a pre-dinner gift, the Christmas Cracker (actually an English tradition and quite commonly practiced as well in the commonwealth countries, i.e. Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia) which contained some trivias and a paper crown in different colours that we all wore throughout the evening. I had a pink crown.

For our dinner fare, we had a nice combination of meat and vegetarian diets prepared by the host family and I volunteered to make two types of leafy salads: Spinach (with honey, mustard and balsamic vinegar dressing) and Chickory (honey, mustard and cheese dressing). I always make something every year for the Christmas dinner. Last year I did the starters.

It was freezing arctic conditions outside, the streets have even iced and I am glad I wore my snow boots. Half way through the dinner it snowed. Beautiful. It was lovely evening.

The foto collage below is for my mom who is curious to know what the Dutch eat during Christmas.

Left to right: Table setting; Salmon Tartare; Goat cheese with pecan nuts; Braised pork (I think) with beets and boiled potato topped with white sauce; Spinach salad with boiled white eggs, raisins, tomato and pine nuts in honey-mustard-balsamico dressing; Chickory salad with apple, walnuts, radish, onions, celery in honey-mustard-cheese dressing; Tiramisu; Creme Brulee with cranberies and blueberries; and Christmas chocolates to go with the coffee.

Not on foto are: tomato-beet soup, steamed broccoli with cashew nuts, risotto with vegetables and some frites (for the kids).

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