Monday, December 27, 2010

Gezellig Valkenburg aan de Geul

Two weekends ago Blondine and I were in Valkenburg visiting the Fluweelengrot Christmas Market and it seemed like everyone had the same idea including our German neighbours. A stream of traffic to the city centre received us and because this is the Netherlands, there was no available parking in sight, unlike in Germany where it is as simple as drive, park, pay and go. The Netherlands is helaas NOT a car country, you get punished here for having one.

But that didn’t distract us a bit because I am a lucky gal when it comes to parking. After a few rounds in the parking lot, we found a spot, along with the leaving occupant giving us his parking ticket that is still valid for another 4 hours. Grand. I am indeed lucky.

Valkenburg aan de Geul in December is a lovely and gezellig place, the Christmas lights and beautifications give it the ‘it’, the punch, the vigour that any city would want. Like a flower that blooms all year round and only gets prettier at the end of the year. Heated outdoor terraces thrive at every nook and cranny and shops selling Christmas ornaments are budding with shoppers. The holiday mood hung in the air. I would definitely come back.

Slow moving traffic as we enter into Valkenburg aan de Geul.

One of the remaining gates of Valkenburg, Grendelpoort.

Heated outdoor cafe terraces.

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