Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jordan Calling

OMG, what have I done today? I booked a flight ticket to Jordan for April and I can’t seem to get over from the excitement!

Jordan is one of my key travel destinations for 2011. The whole travel itinerary has been planned and laid out and will probably need a few pinches here and there but I am so over the moon and looking forward to a travel of fun, adventure and discovery of culture, history and nature, lots of art & architecture finds and food thrills, mmm.

So here’s how the journey will look like:

(1) Do Amman of course, the capital city of Jordan and visit the mosques, palaces, gardens and the gold souqs.
(2) Hop on a rental car and drive down south on the Kings Highway to bask in the beautiful countryside landscape of Jordan.
(3) Experience Petra! The stunning hidden ancient city and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
(4) Race back in time with a 4x4 jeep together with Lawrence of Arabia and conquer the deserts of Wadi Rum.
(5) Check out the Red Sea and view Egypt and Israel and perhaps if there is time, enjoy some marine life in Aqaba, the summer resort of Jordan.
(6) In the evening, have a traditional Jordanian dinner with the Bedouins in a tent in the desert and be serenaded under the stars.
(7) Follow the Bibilical trails of Moses by climbing the famous Mount Nebo where he looked over to the ‘The Promise Land’ (Israel).
(8) Then follow the trails of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist as well along the Jordan River and on to Bethany Beyond Jordan.
(9) Check out the ancient city of Madaba (Moab) for the mosaics.
(10) Then conclude the holiday with a stay at one of the lovely Dead Sea Spa Resort Hotels. Pamper myself with Jordan’s famous mineral, the black mud spa and have my foto taken floating in the Dead Sea while reading a book =)

To guide me in this leisure, discovery and historical trip is the Bible (thank you mom!), and now all I need is a Quran in English. I would like to be able to compare both books in terms of history and information about the area. I understand that Jordan is the setting of 5 books in the Old Testament but not sure about Quran. Thus, these will be my company and treasure books for the entire holiday. It has always been my wish to visit the important places in the Old Testament book, and I will, one at a time.

Cannot wait but before Jordan I will be off to the Alps for our winter skiing holiday, so you’ll probably hear more about the snow first and other stuff before the desert and Bible stories.

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