Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What’s in Naga? Answer: Banana Cue and Kamote Cue

Have you ever lusted for some old-time ‘comfort street food’? Well I have, when I was in Cebu in October this year. My taste buds were desperately yearning for a stick of fried banana cue (caramelized banana) and some fried kamote cue (caramelized sweet potato) as well, but how come these street delicacies were nowhere to be found in the city?

I am honestly fearing the (imminent?) banana cue sold on the streets tradition extinction so kindly pass this on to all the ‘manangs’ and ‘alings’ out there... please, please, please... do not tire from deep frying these yummy caramelized treats at corner streets and at sari-sari stores. As for you, the local Filipino consumer: Buy Filipino! Buy banana cue, buy kamote cue and help preserve Filipino street food culture.

And because I was still craving, we all hopped in the car and went to Naga, just to buy banana and kamote cues. Yipee!

I took a few fotos of the environs there as well, see them below. The rest of the fotos are all here: Naga, Cebu - Philippines

Banana Cue street vendor.

Kamote Cues, YUMMY.

Tricycad drivers and three little boys in a tricycad.

Market scene in Naga, Cebu.

Naga Catholic Church and the old Naga City Hall (there is a brand spanking new modern and big city hall building at the back).

Oil tanker ships along Naga coast and a woman bathing on the rocky coast.

Siomai stands on Naga boulevard seems to be more popular than banana or kamote cues. Next foto, English translation: Do not pee here.

Travel Period: October 2010

Destination: Naga (Cebu), Philippines

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