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Dungeness Crab at the Fishermans Wharf: A must when visiting San Francisco

Before the trip, I knew about the ‘Dungeness Crab’ specialty in San Francisco, so I made sure that I treat myself to these delectable crabs. It is by far the most popular and most commercially important crab in the western states of America. A lot of people depend their living on this ten-legged creature, as well as the palates of many gastronomic sea food lovers, like me.

And although these crabs are not as massive as the king crabs you see on Discovery Channel’s ‘The Deadliest Catch’ series (I have watched this quite a few times, like, last night), they are still quite big for individual consumption. OK, maybe their size is just good enough =)

So where to go to get this sea fare goodness?

I like eating them at home or somewhere where it is not awkward to make your hands dirty and stinky, and your cheeks spattered with crab juice (eww, I know! haha), but for this Dungeness crab experience, I thought it’s best to eat them raw, right on where it was originally marketed, on the streets of San Francisco’s fishing harbour. That means heading off to the Fisherman’s Wharf.

There is a row of seafood stalls or crab stations that are still selling steamed Dungeness crab traditionally on the streets of the Fisherman's Wharf. Back then, crab food was for the poor, but this has changed nowadays when a piece of crab can fetch you $18, like my first crab order! Here, you can order your crab to-go or eat it on the spot while standing. There is also this ledge, a sill along the corridor where people can place their food fares and eat while they stand. Much better; I have actually done this =)

The other option is to sit inside a restaurant just beside the food stalls which was a no go for me as I prefer to be outside. Luckily, I found this crab station called Tarantino's located right on the main street with little coffee tables outside, thus on my second Dungeness crab for lunch (on a different day of course) I chose this place. Much easier to sit while eating than standing. The Dutchman who does not eat anything from the sea disappeared and scampered off to a nearby American fast food chain for some moo.

So what are my taste bud impressions? 5 Stars! Literally, I could not get enough of the Dungeness crab. So fresh, so meaty and just simply delicious.

In summary, the ‘Dungeness Crab’ experience is a MUST DO and MUST EAT when in San Francisco, unless of course you are like the Dutchman who is a sea food snob. He actually called me a ‘Crab Murderer’! Says it is hearltess of me to break the crab into pieces just to eat its white meat. I must admit though that on certain occasions I have similarly pitied the animals that met their fate on the human food chain, but tell me, what can I do when these yummylicious Dungeness crabs were actually beckoning, silently at me, saying, ‘Please! Eat me! EAT ME NOW!’—LOL.

Crab prices ($10 - $25 per crab) are based on weight, so the bigger it is, the more expensive.

Fotos of my Dungeness Crab experience:

Fresh Dungeness crab catches of the day. These are already steamed, thus are ready to eat.

Moi here enjoying my first Dungeness crab for this holiday.

The evidence against this crab murderer, haha.

The man who prepared my crab on the sea food stall, the Tarantino's where I had my second Dungeness crab on a different day of course, showed me the real thing:

These poor crabs are still alive and we actually saw them moving. Dutchman thought it was so sad. Aw.

Then they are thrown one by one into this big boiling water tanker to be cooked and then scooped out when ready.

Here are fotos of the rest of Fisherman’s Wharf sea food stalls and what they are selling:

Row of sea food specialty stalls or crab stations as they are popularly called locally. You have the option to eat the sea food fares outside while standing or sit in the restaurants inside or have them to-go.

The buzzing activity of the fish vendors in the Fisherman's Wharf . Many accept credit cards here as well, so convenient.

If you fancy Dungeness crab less, then you have a plethora of other sea food fare choices.

Tip: If you come very early in the morning at the Fisherman’s Wharf, you might see the fishermen at work in their fishing boats, as they unload their day’s catch at the marina.

I have actually wanted to do this but was too lazy =( to get my butt up very early in the morning. Helaas...

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