Sunday, March 27, 2011

Undercover Assignment on Market Street, San Francisco, USA

While having coffee in Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop on downtown Market Street, San Francisco City, we spotted this Filipino guy with big printed capital letters of the ‘Philippines’ on the back of his jacket. Great advertisement, I reckon. Keep it up!

Everything is Filipino about him, his jacket, his baseball cap, his looks of course and should I bet a hundred euros that he is singing a Tagalog/Filipino hip-hop song?

He was humming to a tune that we don’t really know because he was seated outside the coffee shop and we have this massive thick glass that separates us, but in any case, I can only surmise, by the way he is dressed up, perhaps along the hip-hop type of music. Then we realized that he was actually filming himself. Oh wow, this is so cool!

And the undercover agents in us thought—ah, we’ll help him, and film him as well =)

Umm, are we breaching privacy laws here? Aw, not really =)

There are unbelievably SO MANY Filipinos in California. When we landed in San Francisco Airport, we were welcomed by an array of coloured airport personnel, perhaps more than half were Asians. Filipinos? I was hearing Tagalog spoken, like in every corner I went to haha. When we left for Amsterdam, the guy who checked us in was a Filipino as well. He even said SALAMAT (thank you) to me =)

Nevertheless, here is another undercover assignment we did on Market Street. I guess we are feeling so very paparazzi today. Cannot help it if there are easy targets. Even if its a tad colder, the sun is shining, perhaps that is the reason why!

A few passers-by posed with the model for a foto as well.

The girl was really getting a lot of attention from passers-by and I respect her courage to walk on those skyscraper heels, as well as how she braved the 15C with a bare shoulder and without stockings weather for several hours... and not to mention that clown of a dress (looks cute though).

Travel Period: March 2011
Destination: San Francisco (California), USA

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