Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Uninstalling Dictators

Hope you got the humour! LOL

For those that did not... Italy has always been run by the charismatic Bunga-Bunga man, Silvio Berlusconi. There have been massive rallies in Rome by angry women against Berlusconi who is currently involved in (underage) sexual scandals. The women are protesting against the renaissance of Italian sexism and the impact it has on Italian women's dignity. As you might know, Berlusconi loves his women, and strongly denies having paid for sex.

As for Belgium, the country has been in political crisis for as long as I can remember. It’s been more than 250 days since the election and Belgium still does not have a government. This isn’t the first time of course, this happened in 2007 as well and since then it’s been a tedious vicious cycle of trying to form a unified government due to deadlock negotiations between the Flanders, the Dutch speaking north and the Walloons, the French speaking south. They just could not agree, except of course for football, beer, chocolates, waffles, mussels and friets. I am not sure about the King though.

Should the Flanders and the Walloons just file a divorce?

Maybe annex Flanders to the Netherlands, give back Wallonia to France (or maybe Luxemburg to make it a bigger country?) and institute Brussels as the capital of Europe.

On other matters, I am nursing a flu right now, at home. This is my THIRD flu this winter and I got it from work, all 3 of them. There is this evil virus in the office that never leaves, it just lurks and always comes back to inflict me every month. You just do not know how much this is getting to me. Big time. *sigh*

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