Friday, April 29, 2011

Cafe Restaurant Argana blast in Marrakesh

Hi, I am back in the Netherlands. Jordan was lovely and will be posting detailed entries and fotos about the trip. For now I am astounded and woeful about the Marrakesh blast that happened yesterday. Many of the dead and wounded are foreigners—tourists. Go here for the story at BBC: Morocco probes deadly Marrakesh cafe blast

Precisely 2 years ago me and Blondine were sitting on this same café restaurant on Djemma el-Fna. The Café Restaurant Argana is probably the most popular traditional café restaurant on the square because it has a nice balcony with a view down to the Djemma el-Fna square. Blondine and I had lunch here twice and I have a few fotos below to remember the events.

It is scary to think that major tourist spots are not safe anymore these days. This is not confirmed yet but police are suspecting a suicide bomber or someone who left a bomb in a bag in the restaurant and left just seconds before it detonated.

The cafe restaurant on Djemma el-Fna

Moi here 2 years ago (04-2009) with cafe restaurant Argana at my back.

First lunch we had in the cafe restaurant on the balcony.

Our view down to Djemma el-Fna square.

Our second lunch and tea in the cafe restaurant. Yummy salads.

Travel Period: April 2009
Destination: Marrakech (High Atlas), Morocco

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