Saturday, April 30, 2011

Queen's Day 2011 in the Netherlands

So Dutchman and I went out for Koninginnenacht (Queens Night) last night in Utrecht Centre albeit quickly because I cannot handle the maddenning crowds anymore, all these (drunken or want to get drunk) kids screaming-pushing-dancing-jumping and running around. ARGH. They are making me dizzy. I am so getting old, I do not fancy these street parties anymore and when Dutchman asked me if I want to see the free market, I was like—'What free market? You mean the RUBBISH???'

Managed to take 2 fotos last night in Oudegracht and by the Dom Tower grounds.

So today, Koninginnedag (Queens Day) I am staying inside the comforts of my home pretending that the rest of the Netherlands is not celebrating. Anyway, there is always TV to reconnect to reality if need be...

As for the Dutch Royal family, they are visiting Thorn and Weert in the south of the Netherlands. They always visit 2 towns every year during Queens Day, see foto slideshow from website here: Dutch Royal Family during Queens Day 2011. I am not a royal fan (the William and Kate royal wedding madness yesterday I thought was silly and over the top) although I see them as an integral part of Dutch culture and soceity, however, since we are not anymore in the Middle Ages, I believe these mega rich royals need to start paying tax. We cannot be forever subsidizing their lavish and sometimes frivolous lifestyles just because they were born noble.

And here is a foto slideshow on website of the event as well happening in Amsterdam today: Koninginnedag 2011 in Amsterdam

Next post will be my Jordan travel diaries!

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