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In California: A stroll down Sausalito harbour and promenade

I've heard from friends who have been in and around San Francisco that I should not miss visiting the charming little coastal town Sausalito, even the KLM flight attendant highly recommended this place. Now Sausalito has piqued my interest...

sausalito california

There are a few ways to get to Sausalito from San Francisco and the two easiest ways are by car and by boat. I have no experience with the boat, although I would love to—they can be boarded in Pier 39 and Embarcadero. By car the drive is about 10-15 minutes from San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge.

Funnily, because we arrived at the other part of Sausalito town where it’s a bit quiet, Dutchman started jeering, taunting me albeit jokingly—‘Now, show me... where is this Sausalito hype...?’ We drove around a bit and decided to park the car to explore further on foot. After walking past the harbour filled with yachts and down to the main street where many shops are located, we saw a beautiful coastal promenade with spectacular views of San Francisco, and this was when we realized—aaah, this is the hype people have been talking about.

March is obviously not high season and there were very few people there but I can only imagine how the place would look like in the summer, or even in spring.

The harbour and the dramatic shoreline lined with shops, restaurants and a sidewalk promenade, the wooded hillside peppered with houses and the impressive panorama of San Francisco makes the little town of Sausalito a beautiful place to visit and experience. Great for a half to one day side trip.

My souvenir photo of course here in the marina of Sausalito.

Charming little wooden boat houses (this is only one of them) along the harbour.

Yacht masts and lockers for the yacht owners in the harbour.

A sailing school.

Love these lavender-coloured flowers dotting the shoreline.

View of San Francisco from Sausalito harbour.

Here are more pictures of Sausalito:

Sausalito reminds me of Italian coastal villages, American version of course.

More on Sausalito in next entry.

Travel Period: March 2011
Destination: Sausalito (California), USA

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