Sunday, May 29, 2011

Geese Traffic in York, England

If in my recent trip to Jordan they have camel, goat and sheep traffic issues, in England, they have, interestingly... geese traffic.

Mother Goose fairy tales and nursery rhymes comes to mind. As well as the Old MacDonald Farm song that I learned from my piano lessons a loooooooooooooong time ago.

Old MacDonald had a farm,
Ee i ee i oh!
And on that farm he had some geese,
Ee i ee i oh!
With a quack-quack here,
And a quack-quack there

Here a quack, there a quack,
Everywhere a quack-quack
Old MacDonald had a farm
Ee i ee i oh!

Oh dear, this brings back so many memories of my childhood. After school, I would have piano lessons together with my cousins at our piano teacher's house. We always dreaded entering the house because there is a large cruel mother goose guarding the gate and garden, and every time she sees us, she runs after our little butts! This mother goose bites really hard! It was a scary ordeal for us kids and it was always a riot and a laugh everytime we go there, LOL.

Best part of the piano lessons were the cookies and Archie comics. Good old days!

Geese spotted near Clifford's Tower/York Castle Museum in York, North Yorkshire, England.

Travel Period: May 2011
Destination: York (North Yorkshire - England), United Kingdom

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