Monday, May 30, 2011

Lunch date in Rotterdam: OBBA Lounge Restaurant

Last week was another one of my lunch dates but this time in Rotterdam at Obba Lounge Restaurant with MadamE.

It has been a while since I saw MadamE, with both our busy lives it is not always that easy to catch up with old friends. The last time that we had a date was last year October in Schiedam where we had lunch at the Schiedam old city hall now transformed into a Café bistro restaurant and afterwards we strolled a bit along the canals of Schiedam (I should be posting an entry of this, hopefully soon as I am so backlogged with my travel posts!).

MadamE is having her Turkish beer while I, naturally, my chilled white wine, and Turkish mezze for lunch (very similar to Greek--both countries does have an interesting history of animosity).

The food is quite good, 4.3 stars out of 5. We ordered the small serving of Mezze’s which are priced on a per person basis. I also like that they have an outdoor terrace, great for chilling out outside when its beautiful weather.

I quite like Obba which means the ‘King’s Tent or Harem’ in Turkish. It’s actually spelled Oba in Turkish but in Dutch it is Obba, with the double B. The lounge restaurant indeed has a beautiful exotic Turkish and Arabian ambiance with a bit of a kitsch-ish feel which actually blends nicely altogether. Plus it is located on the Rijnhaven in Rotterdam. You have tranquil views of the water, quite relaxing to the senses, and not some busy street in the centre.

There is also street parking nearby (going at 2 hours maximum, only coins and chipknip though), so handy.

The lounge restaurant is actually made of steel container van which rightly represents the city and port of Rotterdam, being the seaport of the country and the trading gateway of Europe.

And another foto souvenir together. MadamE, till our next lunch, or perhaps travel together? =)

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