Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our hotel camp in Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan: Bait Ali Lodge Camp

I like to travel in style and it doesn’t have to be staying at luxurious hotels and eating at Michelin starred restaurants, although I love to indulge every now and then—for me, in order to survive the holiday in good mood, the basic amenities have to be there, as well as some comfort of course. Now Blondine and I are faced with the challenge of spending a night in the desert... hmm...

We’ve read fascinating stories about travellers staying with Bedouins in the heart of Wadi Rum desert in Bedouin camps, and although this is truly an experience worth doing for, we worry about the conditions of the accommodations. Is there electricity? What about toilet? Where can we leave our car? Is it safe for 2 women to sleep in a tent? So many questions. Trivial perhaps for others?

Well I found this hotel camp called ‘Bait Ali Lodge’ in the middle of the desert, located just a few kilometres away from the environmentally preserved area of Wadi Rum. It is probably the only camp with a bit of frill in the desert so naturally we booked here. To give you an idea, it has a swimming pool and an amphitheatre. Yes, in the desert, in the middle of nowhere.

We will be doing the 4x4 jeep Wadi Rum desert adventure later but before meeting with the Bedouin whom we hired for the afternoon, we are checking in to our hotel camp.

See more fotos below of the hotel camp:

So how do you like this desert camp in the middle of nowhere? Not bad at all eh? Oh, I forgot to take fotos of the rooms... nothing fancy though, very, very basic.

Travel Period: April 2011
Destination: Wadi Rum (Aqaba), Jordan

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