Monday, May 23, 2011

Our last night in Wadi Musa, Jordan: Some ‘Hubbly Bubbly’ Indulgence

Because we ate a lot during lunch in Petra, we skipped dinner... even if the shawarma at Al-Arabi Restaurant was tempting, but I guess not tempting enough when you still have a full stomach. I read that for a vast majority of women, it normally takes several hours (I think 4-5 hours or more compared to men) to digest food intake. What more when you are getting old and have a slow metabolism?

So no dinner but some ‘Hubbly Bubbly’ instead =)

I have no idea how the hubbly bubbly term came into existence but this is basically a local jargon that means doing the Shisha or Hookah, or in English layman’s term—Water Pipe. Visiting an Arabic country is of course not complete without spending an evening of shisha indulgence. If a westerner’s idea of socializing is booze, the Arab’s is doing the hubbly bubbly.

Luckily our hotel has a cute café offering the hubbly bubbly. We ordered the mint flavour. They actually come in a variety of flavours.

We just showered and too tired to even put on make-up. We braved the camera without makeup, haha! One of the guys in the cafe asked me if I am from South America. I always get mistaken for a Columbian, or a Venezuelan, it happens all the time.

We met two German ladies who just arrived town and will be visiting Petra the next day. One of the girls was reading the book—‘Married to a Bedouin’—a true to life story of a Caucasian New Zealander backpacker who married a Bedouin she met in Petra in 1978. The couple lived in a cave. They are still married up to this day and have grown-up children. Must be a one-of-a-kind story!

And because we were extremely tired from the whole day incredible Petra climbing excursion, we didn’t finish our hubbly bubbly and we elected to retire early in bed.

Here are more pictures of the cafe:

We were one of the first to arrive in the cafe and it was very busy when we left.

And now here we are finally trying the waterpipe, er I mean, Hubbly Bubbly!

The German girls we met, they just ordered theirs.

Tomorrow we will be driving further down south of the country. To the Wadi Rum Desert. Another adventure that we cannot wait!

Travel Period: April 2011
Destination: Wadi Musa, Jordan

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