Sunday, June 26, 2011

In Amsterdam: Ceasar Salad at Caffe PC and Carrot Cake at Esprit Cafe

Earlier this month Blondine and I went to our favourite cafes in Amsterdam: Caffe PC in PC Hooftstraat and Esprit Café in Spui. We normally have lunch in Caffe PC and I always choose a salad from the menu while Blondine a sandwich. This time I ordered their Ceasar Salad which looked so scrummy.

Caffe PC

This is indeed a delicious Ceasar Salad and I am giving this 5 stars. Nice when its paired with a chilled Chardonnay. Caffe PC also has really good gourmet little roll breads.

Esprit Café

After an afternoon of window shopping and lots of walking, we went to Esprit Café for their yummylicious carrot cake. I think they have the best carrot cake that I have ever tried. And so as not to pile up more calories than we already had for the day, we decided to share the cake. Fresh mint tea was perfect to go with this nice scrumptious afternoon temptation.

The carrot cake is of course 5 stars. So good I we should not have shared, haha.

Visit Period: June 2011
Destination: Amsterdam (North Holland), The Netherlands

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