Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dinner at Bait Ali Camp near Wadi Rum, Jordan

As we drove back to our hotel camp at Bait Ali Camp, just a few kilometers away from the Rum village, we were looking forward to an evening of chilling out.

Caught this postcard foto of 2 camels from the moving car.

Took a quick video as we leave the protected area of Wadi Rum back to our hotel camp.

We were not really sure what to expect for dinner that night but we were told there will be a buffet at the restaurant for all guests. I’m looking forward to some real Jordanian fares, I hope.

I heard that if you are staying at the Bedouin camps you get to see how they cook their meat traditionally. Under the ground! Wow, that would have been a very cool experience to witness and taste the actual food but I doubt if the hotel camp would be similarly showcasing this traditional aspect of Jordanian culinary.

When we arrived at the hotel camp, the first thing we did was to order a glass of drink. Red wine for me obviously. I need my spirits to help me relax and feel at home.

As for the dinner buffet, it was nothing that spectacular but it was OK.

I loved the ‘Arayes’ though. This is a typical Middle Eastern meat dish mainly found in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria—grilled pita bread stuffed with minced meat mixed in spices and herbs. It was really, really good. If the whole meal were to be based on the Arayes only then it would have been 5 stars.

Blondine liked the dessert. I think it was called ‘Basbousa’, a crumble cake sprinkled with coconut strips on top.

The only thing we didn’t like during dinner was the music. They were playing some American pop music that does not really fit to the ambiance of the place. I made sure I communicated my displeasure when I submitted my hotel booking review.

Green salad, different types of Arabic dips and sauces, pickled vegetables and pita bread.

Couscous, lamb and chicken barbecue and the arayes.

Arayes, grilled pita bread stuffed with minced meat in spices and herbs. 5 stars!

For dessert, Basbousa.

There were quite a number of guests that evening at the hotel camp.

Travel Period: April 2011
Destination: Wadi Rum (Aqaba), Jordan

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