Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Jordan: Tanking on the Desert Highway

On our way to Madaba, instead of looping the route to the King's Highway, we took a faster short cut detour via the Desert Highway. We have already seen the southern part of the King's Highway for the most part. This is from Petra all the way down to the south where we are coming from, and based from what I have read, the beautiful views of the King's Highway is after Petra going north. This means heading to the north as quickly as possible.

Now we were running out of fuel and we were really looking forward to tank in one of the modern gasoline stations with a nice mini-supermarket along the Desert Highway, unfortunately, this is what we could nearly come close to:

In comparison to other Middle Eastern countries, gasoline in Jordan is expensive. Jordan does not have oil and the country relies from neighbouring Saudi Arabia for its supply. A full tank is about 20-22 euros (in NL its about 60 to 70 euros or more depending on size of tank). 

After tanking, we did a quick snack shopping as well at this super market along the highway. We will be on the road for hours so a little nibble supply will be very handy.

I am always curious about everything, and in this shop I particularly want to know what local snacks they have available for sale. This is what I found:

I love pickled stuff. Olives, pickles and more olives.

Dries nuts I also love. These are their snacks here in Jordan. Healthy.

These are the least I do not like though, the sweet sugary stuff.

We were able to catch some Desert Highway scenes as well.

The Desert Highway is somewhat boring compared to the King's Highway. If you have the time, drive via the King's Highway, it is a much longer route but definitely worth it.

Wow, look at that, Iraq is just around the corner!

The highway to Saudi Arabia and Iraq. There is not much scenery on the Desert Highway.

Next: The long and winding King's Highway...

Travel Period: April 2011
Destination: Desert Highway, Jordan

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