Sunday, July 31, 2011

A day in York: Bars and walking the York ruin walls

When I am travelling alone I can cover many things quickly mainly because I love walking. When you walk a lot, you see a lot. However, I also tend to spend my late lunches really slow, like at least 2 hours. Another perpetual habit is sitting down in a cafe terrace with a spirit in hand watching the world go by.

Anyway, after visiting the York Minster Cathedral, I went to check out the Roman wall ruins. I was not really sure which part of the city wall ruins to start exploring with, however, I noticed that it doesn’t really matter because all over the city I can find the ‘bars’ connecting the ramparts.

In England, bars are portcullis, a fortified gateway usually made of stone. Nowadays they are a medieval attraction but in the past they served as the city’s defensive stronghold from invaders.

I climbed the portcullis of High Petergate and walked on the stone walls to the rear direction of York Minster. Although I did wander a bit in the gardens of the cathedral I was quite curious what lies behind it. My curiosity was met with a beautiful scenery. I lingered a bit here taking fotos and enjoying the green views. At the end of the fortification I reached the Monk Bar, another portcullis and a famous one in York as well.

The Monk Bar is now a little historical museum. There is a statue of the short-lived King Richard III (King of England 1483-85) wearing black tights. Wow, what can I say, he was a very fashion forward man, considering I am wearing the same thing! Haha

High Petergate.

Walking the stone walls.

Here are the views from the ramparts:

Above foto is the Treasurer's House I believe. Pretty!

Here is the Monk Bar:

Inside the Monk Bar, King Richard III was fashion forward wearing the same black tights I am now wearing. The velvet fabric of the coat is also an all-time classic trend while those shoes, I see lots of teenagers wearing them now.

Monk Bar and Goodramgate.

Travel Period: May 2011

Destination: York (North Yorkshire - England), United Kingdom

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