Sunday, July 31, 2011

A day in York: Whisky for lunch at Harkers?

It’s two in the afternoon yet I am not hungry. I am blaming the full English breakfast I’ve had in the morning. At my age (officially 41 as I type) it seems impossible to digest food quickly even after hours of walking, quite a dilemma I suppose. So I thought, I will just wait for another hour or two before I have a proper lunch—some English scones and tea.

However, tired from my discovering-York-on-foot-tour, I am searching for a nice pub or café restaurant where I can relax and have some spirits to cheer me up. I need something strong. Stronger than wine.

Harkers Pub Restaurant on Saint Helen's Square.

It was great timing when I strolled into Saint Helen’s Square, a square that you cannot miss when in York when I saw Harkers. Actually, Betty’s Café Tea Rooms dominates the panorama of the square but I promised myself to have my share of English scones and tea later.

Harkers is actually a pub restaurant, so just perfect. From the outside I can already see the bar filled with liquors beckoning me, haha. I ordered my whisky, a scotch. I did not get the name but I remember telling the bartender to give me the best he has. This will be my pre-lunch.

Then I searched for a nice place to sit down. Ah, perfect again (this is my lucky day), a free table by the window facing Saint Helen’s Square. You know in places like these it is almost impossible to find perfectly situated tables by the window because every guest, visitor and tourist are eyeing these seats. But well, it is my lucky day and I have it for myself.

I spent a relaxing hour just sitting here. The leather chair was big and warm. I just watched the scenes outside, watched the people, watched everything. I read the guides I picked up at the Hospital Hotel as well. It is nice to unwind in a nice place.

Tempted to buy another shot of whisky, I decided last minute not to push my luck. Good call.

Fotos of Harkers Pub Restaurant:

The liquor bar. It is self-service here.

My view to Saint Helen's Square.

Period style design of the room I am in. I love the floral victorian wall paper with a touch of goth. I have a similar mirror at home, in my dining, except that mine is silver and its wider.

My table by the window with the ladies. When I was about to leave these two ladies quickly asked if they can take my seat, and thanking me that I am actually leaving, haha. These seats by the window are always popular.

And this is Saint Helen’s Square:

Travel Period: May 2011
Destination: York (North Yorkshire - England), United Kingdom

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