Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quick Shawarma Lunch in Madaba, Jordan

We were clearly running out of time. We have to be at the Dead Sea by 16:30 to return the car and to check-in at our hotel and its past 15:00 already. We haven’t had lunch. We still have to visit Mount Nebo. Plus the driving in between, I am not sure if we can catch the 16:30 deadline otherwise we will have to pay an extra day rent for the car.

Our original plan for the Biblical Trails was to visit the baptism site of Jesus, the ‘Bethany Beyond Jordan’ by the Jordan River and ‘Lot’s Cave’ as well, where Lot and his daughters hid when Sodom and Gomorrah was burned down by fire falling from the skies. Sigh, it is not going to happen, we had to improvise.

So we had no choice but to grab food quickly and luckily there is this Arabic fast food diner across Saint George Church called ‘Darna’. We did check the surroundings for other alternatives but people were pointing us back to this restaurant.

We ordered 2 sets of shawarma and arayes. We’ve had the best shawarma at Wadi Musa and arayes at our hotel camp in Wadi Rum so naturally we hoped to repeat the experience. The shawarmas were quite good but the arayes, we barely ate it.

After our quick lunch in the car we were off to Mount Nebo. We were told to follow the main road and then farther ahead as we get out of the city we will see directions to Mount Nebo. Fortunately, Mount Nebo is not that far away from the centre of Madaba.

A few more fotos here of course:

Darna is the name of the shawarma shop.

Here we are waiting for our lunch. 

Yup, I ate while driving. I took this foto though before I drove, cannot do too much multi-tasking.

Some neighbourhood scenes...

Next: Visiting Mount Nebo where Moses viewed the Promised Land, Israel.

Travel Period: April 2011
Destination: Madaba, Jordan

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