Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Madrid tapas walking lunch: Iberico bellota ham, grilled octopus, smoked salmon, oysters and anchovy

Blondine and I succumb to our gastronomic desires on our first day in Madrid.

We had late lunch at the Mercado de San Miguel. The gourmet market was packed, and I mean elbow to elbow PACKED while ordering during lunch period (12:00 – 16:00). It was a bit overwhelming for us because we visited the place in the morning and it was quite busy but the crowds were nowhere near the size as during lunch time.

What I loved about this place is it’s like a walking tapas fast food utopia. We hopped from one delicious food stand to another with our wines in our hands and we ate as we went along. I pigged out big time. See the shameful proof below:

For starters, we had grilled octopus on a toast and I had smoked salmon with almond on a toast as well. Blondine's other starter was a sardine (not in foto).

Paired with fresh special sorlut oysters and a glass of chilled chardonnay. Blondine had another toast with ham on top as well (not in foto).

Yours truly, the glutton.

We walked to the seafood stand and ordered a plate of grilled octopus sprinkled with paprika and sizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Blondine and I shared this.

After our chardonnays were done, we decided to go red. This time a Rioja.

We ordered the Rolls-Royce of all Spanish ham, the bellota. Here is the server busy carving our bellota ham.

Bellota means acorns because these select swines are only fed with it. This is just heaven. 100 grams costs almost 20 Euros. We shared this as well.

For my dessert, since I am not a sweet tooth type, I settled for an olive wrapped with an anchovy and topped with green pepper.

Verdict: 5 stars!

I am going back to Spain next week (but not Madrid though) so I can’t wait to eat tapas again, and perhaps bring home stuff as well =)

Travel Period: June 2011
Destination: Madrid, Spain

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