Sunday, August 28, 2011

Special order breakfast and a Filipino party in Sheffield, UK

On my last day in Sheffield, Queen Victoria made a special breakfast for me:

Bagels, bacon and omelette. And endless conversations.

In the afternoon they were invited to a Filipino children’s party so they tagged me along. It was the birthday of their friend’s daughter. The catering was done by a Filipino and food was mainly Filipino as well. I think my favourite there was the chicken lollipop.

Queen Victoria and her hubby are quite social people in comparison to Dutchman and I. We on the other hand prefer to be at home when we/I are not travelling. I also like my own company. Then there is my demanding career that is my baby that is taking most of my time. Most days I am on the road, having face-to-face meetings with business partners so at the end of the day I feel like I’ve had a very hectic social/work life and the only thing I want is to do is retreat back into my cave at home. So yeah, I am not really a socializing type at all but I can be when its needed (like at work).

Then it was time for goodbyes. They drove me all the way to Leeds for my flight. Thanks so much and bye-bye for now. I shall be back =)

Cute Aiden accompanying me at the backseat and wearing my sunglasses.

Plane taking off at Leeds-Bradford International Airport.

Up, up in the air with Leeds down below. Bye!

Travel Period: May 2011
Destination: Sheffield (South Yorkshire - England), United Kingdom

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