Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Best Kebab in Geneva, Switzerland?

On our third night in Geneve, I, together with a few colleagues searched for a restaurant in the city that is not Italian. Swiss cuisine is like Dutch cuisine, they are not famous for it, except for the fondue of course which is best eaten after skiing. Because of this, the Swiss tend to embrace their neighbour’s gastronomic abilities, surprisingly not from the French but from the Italians.

Geneva in my opinion is flooded with Italian restaurants and I am not exaggerating when I say flooded, because literally, in every corner, there is a restaurant that is serving Italian cuisine or related to Italian.

We have had enough of Italian, and this time we were looking for something different. While walking on Rue de la Servette, we saw this Doner Kebab place called ‘Saveurs D’Orient’ located right across Lyon metro stop.

Saveurs d'Orient Doner Kebab.

The boys had another serving.

It’s actually a very humble place, more like a cafeteria and they do not even accept credit cards, just cash. Cheap as well and since we were so hungry from searching on foot for a restaurant other than Italian, we settled for this homey kebab place—easy, fast and a bonus point, it smelled good.

When the kebabs arrived my mouth was watering looking at the crunchy meat. I don’t like to eat meat much but when they are thin, crunchy and well done, I can compromise.

The verdict? 5 stars! I’ve never had kebab this so good! My male colleagues ordered a second round even. This is definitely a runner-up to the best shawarma I had in Wadi Mousa, Jordan. We were told by the locals that the place is one of the best in Geneve.

Here is moi during the day having a ciggy break before we had the kebab at night. Foto taken by a colleague via iPhone. I am a rare social smoker. I do not buy cigarette packs though. I just leech one or two when the company is right.

Travel Period: September 2011
Destination: Geneva, Switzerland

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