Sunday, November 27, 2011

Zakynthos, Greece: Fantastic Views at Xigia Tavern during Lunch

Leaving South Xigia Beach, we hit the main road and just 500 metres away we saw this tavern with a spacious parking lot. We stopped to check it out.

It turns out that the tavern is perched on the mountain sea cliff and looking out to the blue Ionian Sea. Fantastic views! I personally loved the thick trees giving shade to the diners, they bid a very cosy and romantic ambience, and oh, the birds happily chirping away from tree to tree. Well, what can I say? In this restaurant, you do not need man-made music to accompany the beautiful view.

So I told the Dutchman—this is it. We are not going anywhere else for lunch =)

When we came back from holiday I did some research on the restaurant and it turns out that its specialty is seafood and the owner is Italian who migrated to Zakynthos, Greece. This restaurant is very popular among the locals and the tourists as well. That is why it took us a LONG TIME to be seated. Guests came pouring in and we have to wait patiently in line. Dutchman was grumbling and ready to leave but I put down my foot and told him to be still.

Eventually we got our table with a nice view. Because the restaurant was buzzing with diners, ergo overcapacity, it took a while for them to take our order and for the food to arrive. I didn’t mind, I am enjoying my view with a glass of wine while waiting. Plus they gave us free bruschettas. That was a surprise indeed and it was delicious.

Dutchman ordered Greek salad and I steamed mussels. We were going to order more but when the bruschettas arrived we decided to just leave it as it is. The food is enough already for both of us. We are not big eaters unfortunately. Our food rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.

I managed to take a short video after lunch:

Can you hear the noise? =)

At the back of the tavern I saw a garden and an infinity swimming pool. It looked like a perfect place to hold a party or just to privately chill out. I wonder if the owner lives here as well? Well, one thing for sure they have a gorgeous property with breath taking views.

Waiting for our lunch to arrive... there were lots of birds chirping from the trees and we noticed as well that there were many bird houses hanging above us.

From our table we can see South Xigia Beach where we swam in the morning.

Finally lunch arrived! Bruschetta came first.

Greek salad never tastes the same outside Greece. Take note, onions and tomatoes here tastes rather sweeter than normal.

My steamed mussels and half a lemon.

The outdoor terrace is quite spacious. There are enough tables but this taverna is popular so it gets busy during lunch and dinner. 

The taverna has its own private infinity swimming pool as well.

The verdict: food wiped out clean. Garlic and pine corns, they seem to be the theme of this taverna.

Next: More beautiful remote beaches!

Travel Period: August 2011
Destination: Zakynthos Island, Greece

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