Monday, November 28, 2011

Zakynthos, Greece: North Xigia Beach Sulphur Springs and Spa Collagen

So, the title of this entry sums up everything but this Xigia Beach I think is more stunning than the other one. Just look at the view from above...

Breathtaking isn't she?

The milky substance is sulphur coming out of the rocks.

As I have mentioned in my earlier post on South Xigia Beach Cove, there are 2 Xigia Beaches and the northern one is the famous Sulphur Beach that everyone wants to experience. This beach is located about 500 metres from the Xigia Tavern where we had our delicious lunch with accompanying spectacular views.

This Sulphur Xigia Beach is a favourite of mine as well. I like it that its small, very cosy, gorgeous of course and not crowded. It’s got real character, as I always say about my favourite beaches. Nothing commercialised at all, there are no facilities, it is simply natural—just exactly how I like it to be.

Between the crack of the rugged rock walls is the sulphur spring that produces milky white substance in the water. The sulphur sends off a distinct sharp whiff in the air. Sometimes, the smell is very strong, it lingers, but sometimes not. They say sulphur is good for muscle and bone ailments, and for skin problems as well.

We had a great time here for the rest of our afternoon. The beach is pebbly but the beach bottom turns into sandy as you walk further deep into the water.

There is a cafeteria located at the overlook landing area where one can view the beach. This landing area serves as a small parking lot as well.

Here are the rest of my pictures:

One of my favourite beaches in Zakynthos.

North Xigia Beach: Sulphur Spring and Spa Collagen. You go down these steps to the beach.

Small beach but cosy.

People swam to the sulphur coming out under the rocks.

This is the pulley system used by the taverna to deliver food and drinks down to the beach. A cool and improvised system!

Travel Period: August 2011
Destination: Alykes (Zakynthos - Ionian Islands), Greece

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