Monday, November 28, 2011

Old pictures of Crete in Lassithi and Sitia

Since we are on Greece at the moment, I saw old pictures in my foto folder of our holiday in Crete a long time ago. This was pre-digital camera age for us: 2003.

These pictures were taken at the windmills in Lassithi and the marina in Sitia.

I managed to take digital pictures of some of the roll film developed pictures we had during our holiday in the summer of 2003. Somehow these pictures survived after one hard drive crash and migration to another but they are very poor in quality. I would need to dig up my old paper fotos and see if I can find better ones. If I remember it right, we had more and better pictures. For now I guess these will suffice.

We had good memories of our Crete holiday. Our apartment had 2 balconies with fantastic views, one looking down to the pool and the other across the plateau. We rented a car and toured the island. We walked a lot. We ate out every night and spent nights watching the nighlife scene. In the mornings we had 2 Euros full English breakfast with coffee and orange juice included. I cannot believe it was so cheap back then. Time fly so fast!

Travel Period: July-August 2003
Destination: Crete, Greece

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