Friday, November 11, 2011

Walking around Zante Town, Zakynthos

During our summer holiday last August in Zakynthos, Dutchman and I spent a day in Zante Town, the old capital of Zakynthos Island. We just walked around town and along the coastal promenade, walking past modern yachts, old fisherman’s boats, large cargo and passenger vessels and restaurants.

A colleague who has been to Zakynthos before told me that the old town is beautiful, however, my—rather our experience, proved otherwise. The old town is okay but nothing spectacular really. Dutchman and I have seen much nicer old towns than Zante in Greece. It was a bit of a let-down but we managed to make the most of our visit.

We had three highlights during the day and these are:

1) We waited for the bus at Laganas for more than an hour because we didn’t realize the buses that came and went were actually the buses that goes to Zante Town. There was no Zante Town signage, in fact they all have a different destination signage on the bus, plus the drivers were not telling. I simply don’t understand how they can let passengers decipher the destinations if they do not even have a bleak of information posted. I guess this is how it goes here in Greece?

So we decided to have some drinks at a corner café while waiting for the next bus and me being finally resourceful, I asked the waiter. The answer was exactly what we dreaded to hear. We have missed the bus over and over again right in front of our noses. We really felt stupid.

This experience just strengthened my resolve on how much I hated public transportation. I cannot wait to have our scooter for the holiday soon.

2) The iced cold coffee on St. Mark’s Square.

It was a hot August summer and nothing beats the iced cold coffee at Velvet café and restaurant (with the red lounge chairs) on St. Mark’s Square to quench the thirst.

3) The Agios Dionysius Church which will be on a separate entry.

There was a real red-head in the bus.

New Zante bus terminal.

Coastal promenade:

Solomos Square:

St. Nicholas of the Mole on Solomos Square in Byzantine influence.

Saint Mark's Square:

Narrow alleys and streets:

Obituaries posted on posts.

We found another church:

Here we are having our yummy iced cold coffee on St. Mark's Square:

Travel Period: August 2011
Destination: Zakynthos Island, Greece

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