Saturday, December 31, 2011

From a deluxe girly ‘High Tea Lunch’ at Tafelberg to a rowdy boy’s game of ‘Kart Racing’ at the Coronel

High Tea has become so popular in the Netherlands that a lot of restaurants are now offering this on their menu, including the Tafelberg, a chic restaurant in Blaricum, ‘t Gooi.

Because its high tea, we had a lot of sweets, chocolates and sandwiches. We even had crème brulee. I didn’t take pictures of all the food. I was busy socialising =)

High tea delights on a 3-tiered plate.

All photos taken by iPhone. Quality? Mwah.

This is the interior of Tafelberg restaurant. Picture taken from Tafelberg website. We sat upstairs and occupied 1 wing of the mezzanine floor.

Tafelberg is located on De Heide, a beautiful nature preserved area in Blaricum. I have read that there is a nice walking trail here where the buffalo look-alike Scottish Highlands goats roam freely. Oh, I want to see these cool long haired goats! I am bookmarking this place and will come back another time for a walk and Scottish Highlands goat sightseeing.

After the high tea lunch we all went back to our cars and drove to Coronel Kartracing in Huizen, also in ‘t Gooi for kart racing.

I was supposed to join in the kart racing competition but they ran out of SMALL jackets. I guess that saved my ass as I am not really into this kind of sport. I would not mind though but if there is an escape route I would gladly take it.

At any rate I was quite content to watch. We had 3 rounds and each round the participants go through an elimination.

Oh well, what a day. From a deluxe girly ‘high tea lunch’ to a rowdy boy’s game of ‘kart racing’.

Visit Period: December 2011
Destination: Blaricum and Laren (Het Gooi), The Netherlands

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