Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Paris Metro Scenes & Crazy Traffic

Perhaps the easiest way to travel in Paris is by Metro? I quite agree but when you are wearing high heels its not the best option. Having said that we took the cab moving forward.

Paris Metro Scenes:

They even have Amsterdam beer in Paris? Not heard of!

Traffic in Paris was insane. I am lucky I live in the Netherlands where rules are rules and they are followed. Not in Paris though.

We had this cab driver who was literally suicidal. He drove on trattoirs and areas where vehicles are not allowed on. He was very aggressive with driving, stepping on the gas and braking all too often that we had to hold on tight for our lives at the backseat. I would not have been surprised if we hit something! He said that it is the usual rush hour in Paris and traffic is mainly caused by non-Parisians visiting the city with their (stupid) cars. He then pointed out and scoffed at all the French cars with non-Parisian plate numbers whilst nodding his head in disagreement: OUI, NON PARISIEN! OUI, NON PARISIENNE!

He went on picking out non-Parisian cars and chanting like this for as long as I can remember until we arrived at our restaurant at the other side of the River Seine. His driving skills was something to reckon with, albeit a bit disturbed, but nevertheless he was quite charming and amusing, and more importantly, we arrived safely.

Here we are inside the cab:

Our cabbie and the horrible traffic on Pont de la Concorde.

The supposedly 5-minute cab ride took 45 minutes. That is not including the amount of time we spent waiting for this cab and to fight for it as well. Unfortunately cabs in Paris are in high demand.

Travel Period: October 2011
Destination: Paris, France

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