Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bastille Market: Fish! Seafood!

I will trade the most expensive steak for seafood. Anytime.

Shellfish—molluscs and crustaceans are an ad infinitum favourite of mine. When I used to live with my parents, which is approx. 21-22 years ago, I always remember my mom saying to me, ‘You are just like your father, a glutton for anything seafood.’

I consider myself lucky to love seafood, fruits and vegetables. They are light and healthy. When people see what I eat, they always think I am on a diet. NO!

The Richard Lenoir Market aka Bastille Market has enough gorgeous choices of fresh catches from the sea to make every fish lover thrilled during the visit. Well, I was! I could not get my hands off from my pocket camera, click, click, click away.

Get ready for the tour of the fish section. Here are the photos!

Travel Period: October 2011

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