Saturday, January 07, 2012

Bastille Market: The MEATS

Paris has many food markets, some big, some small, however I was looking for a market that is open on Sundays. I love markets and the French have the best ones.

So we went to the ‘Richard Lenoir Market’ AKA the ‘Bastille Market’. Richard Lenoir because the market is on Richard Lenoir Street and Bastille because Richard Lenoir Street intersects with Place de la Bastille.

The market is big and has so many gastronomic stuff to offer. It’s a foodie’s haven! I don’t officially consider myself a foodie but I love markets, and appreciate any gustatory delight. Because the market has so many wonderful stuff to offer and that I took so many pictures (more than 80 pictures for this market alone!) which I would love to share in this blog, I will blog them per food category.

Let’s start with MEAT. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Poulet and the rotisserie.

Pig's ears for sale.

Friendly meat vendor.

Poor skinned rabbits =(

Meat pate.

Another meat pate with cheese.

Busy market.

Market is also selling junk furniture.

Next entry: Ready-to-Eat food

Travel Period: October 2011

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