Saturday, January 07, 2012

Bastille Market: Ready to eat foods

In many French markets you will encounter stalls selling ready-to-eat food. Most of these are local foods or foods influenced by other European countries such as ‘Paella’ for Spain and ‘Bratwurst with sauerkraut’ for Germany (as seen in the photo above).

We thought about lunch and decided that we will do something else for a change. We’ll buy food and wine in the market and take it with us to the nearby park, which is a fascinating urban park in Paris as it is above ground. I will show pictures of this cool elevated park in a separate entry, soon.

As we went around the market, we passed by the crepes stand and Blondine just could not let the opportunity pass by so she bought crepes. I was not in the mood for it. No crepes for me please.

For now let me walk you through the ready-to-eat-foods of Richard Lenoir Market AKA Bastille Market in Paris, but first, my only souvenir photo.

And now, the ready-to-eat foods!

The famous French crepes with Nutella (Nutella is Italian though):

A little fountain plaza in the market:

Travel Period: October 2011

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