Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bastille Market: Wines, Breads and Cheeses

Finally, my last entry on Bastille Market aka Richard Lenoir Market.

Speaking about lunch, we got lucky, well it must have been our lucky day? We bought pate and dried sausages from a meat vendor and were offered two ‘Pain saucisses’ for FREE. She was so nice to us, she did small talk and even packed the sausage sandwiches separately with napkins. Now we have lunch food! =)

With our lunch ready, it’s time to search for wine to go with the pain saucisses. We found the wine stall and asked the charming male vendor for recommendations. He offered us a free wine tasting session instead and I had the chance to take a sip of his other wines as well, thank you very much! Eventually, we settled for a red, the Domaine de Cabrol from the south of France near Carcassone (a place that I want to visit as well).

Blondine on the other hand was in heaven with the variety of breads available on sale in the market. She loves bread so much while I will pass. Not a bread fanatic, sorry.

Here are the photos of the gastronomic delights in the market:

Parisian Metropolitain.

And oh, some foie gras as well.

Travel Period: October 2011

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