Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paris lunching at the Promenade Plantee

For our last day in Paris last October, Blondine and I we went to the Richard Lenoir Market aka Bastille Market. We wanted a different kind of lunch that day so we bought wine and food in the market and brought it to the out-of-the-ordinary park called ‘Promenade Plantee’ which is located a few blocks away.

We sat down on a bench, opened the wine and ate our lunch—pain saucissons. I have my dried sausages as well, while Blondine, her crepes. The wine was okay. It was a different kind of lunch indeed, open-air and public, a very interesting breather from the usual Parisian city scenery.

The Promenade Plantee, also called as the Coulée verte in French, is a viaduct that follows the Vincennes railway line that is now abandoned and transformed into an elevated walkway green park. It is 4.7 kilometres long and is located near Place de la Bastille in the 12th arrondissement.

While lunching, we saw many people running and exercising here. Others came with friends and families for a stroll. It is a Sunday and the weather is nice so people are out and about.

When we finished our meal we went to a café across the street for some coffee. I always need my espresso after lunch. The coffee arrived and Blondine had the biggest cappuccino we have ever seen, the froth was monstrous, haha!

After the lunch its time to wrap up our Paris long weekend. Go back to the hotel, check out, and drive back to the Netherlands.

And now, here are the photos.

This is the walk from Bastille market to Promenade Plantee.

This is the viaduct green park: Promenade Plantee

Further ahead we found a bench to sit down and have lunch. Lots of people passing by here, so it is also a good place to people watch =)

Finally, lunching in the Promenade Plantee. The bottle of wine and cured saucisson we bought from Bastille market.

Pain saucissons and cured saucissons. Blondine had pain saucissons as well and some crepes.

The views down to the street.

More pictures of Promenade Plantee and us =)

Boots. Blondine and I like being girls I guess.

Humongous cappuccino ever!

The elevated park, Promenade Plantee from the cafe.

Travel Period: October 2011
Destination: Paris, France

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