Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quick coffee in quiet Vrijthof, Maastricht

I like my terrace view: The Vrijthof -- Sint Janskerk, Sint Servaasbasiliek and the Hoofdwacht.

Nowadays I drive to all 4 corners of the Netherlands. Each week I burn between 700 and 1000+ kilometres and that makes me the queen of the road =)

Last week I was in Maastricht which is 200+ kilometres from Amsterdam. Maastricht is located at the southern tip of the Netherlands bordering Germany and Belgium. I have a business partner here and we finished the meeting earlier than expected. I saw that I have a few missed calls, as well as I can see continuous emails coming in to my phone so I decided to work a bit before driving back to the Randstad. A quick swing by at Vrijthof (the main big square of Maastricht) for some coffee while I check and answer my emails and call back people would be the best scenario.

While sitting at a café terrace on Vrijthof  and sipping my coffee it dawned on me that I really liked my job. Even if it is stressful. Even if sometimes I feel the heavy weight of the responsibility. Even if I have to juggle, find out, search and justify things on my own.

Vrijthof before 12 noon is very quiet. I have never seen Maastricht this still. However, I noticed people trickling into the square when I left about half past 12. Many of them with cameras hanging from their necks.

It was nice to have seen the quieter side of Maastricht.

Travel Period: January 2012
Destination: Maastricht (Limburg), The Netherlands

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