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Saturday Market and Waffles in Mechelen, Belgium

Mechelen, a city of 80,000 inhabitants in the Flemish region is a feast during Saturdays. I was so happy when I strolled down Ijzerenleen and saw the lively outdoor market in the middle of the street extending to the Grote Markt (main market square).

Dutch is the official language in Mechelen. Their Dutch though is purer and they use different words. I have to listen carefully in order to understand them.

Mechelen Saturday Market

I am always after for a nice food market visit. I like to sample local stuff when travelling. In Mechelen I found out that ‘witlof’ (chicory) is a local forte. They have many recipes for this vegetable and one stand was selling witlof soup. I must admit that I was tempted to try the specialty but that morning I was hankering for some waffles. Witlof though is a leafy vegetable that I always generously use for my salads, and I prefer to eat them raw.

There were many waffle stands and it was a bit difficult to choose from which to buy. Eventually I ended up in the Grote Markt and bought a little bag of waffles from a charming waffle vendor.

The market was okay. I have been to better markets (read: France and Spain). Mechelen market is definitely better than the one we have in Utrecht for example.

After walking around a bit in the market and taking pictures I sat down at an outdoor café terrace. It was quite a busy morning in Mechelen and with the beautiful fresh and sunny weather, it was perfect to people watch with a warm cup of coffee from the cafe terrace =)

Here are my pictures of the Saturday market in Mechelen:

Travel Period: November 2011
Destination: Mechelen (Antwerp), Belgium

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