Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walking the ‘Dyle Path’ in Mechelen, Belgium

The Dyle Path crossing under the Grootbrug on the Dijle/Dyle River.

In November last year I was in Mechelen, Belgium for a weekend. I was in Brussels for work that week and thought it would be nice to spend the weekend in another town since I am already in Belgium. Mechelen came to mind as it is near Brussels and when I googled pictures of the city I was sold out.

I stayed in a church—Martin’s Patershof, a beautiful old church that has been converted into a hotel. While there, I discovered the ‘Dyle Path’ (Dijle in Dutch), a walkway along the River Dyle. When I am travelling alone, I walk a lot, and I really mean—I walk a lot.

What I like about the Dyle Path are the views to the historical houses and stone buildings along the river banks, as well as being able to pass through the residential areas. It allows some catching a glimpse of the local daily life which for me is very pleasing. I like to be able to see beyond the usual touristy and on-the-surface type of sights when travelling.

One can find the walking path at the Vismarkt, right beside the little foot bridge. It crosses under the Grootbrug (see photo above).

Walking the Dyle pedestrian pathway and the sights along the way.

This is the Vismarkt.

Travel Period: November 2011
Destination: Mechelen (Antwerp), Belgium

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