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Climbing St. Rumbold’s Tower (Sint Romboutstoren) and the views

The 15th century St. Romboutstoren is very popular in Mechelen and my goal was to climb the 514 steps to see the breathtaking views of the city. Sometimes I like torturing myself haha.

The climb was fine but I had to rest every time I reach a level. There are 6 levels in the tower which are 6 rooms and these are: 1. Kraankamer (crane room) 2. Smidsekamer (forge room) 3. Klokkenkamer (bell chamber) 4. Uurwerkenkamer (clock room) 5. Beiaardkamer (carillon room) 6. Askelder.

At the top of the tower is the Skywalk, a glass platform for visitors to walk on and view Mechelen on panorama and peek down to the busy Grote Markt.

Honestly, I find the Skyway a disappointment. The walkway is not built high enough that you can enjoy the panorama effortlessly without the towers and its buttresses obstructing the view.

I am not really sure if I enjoyed this tower visit except for the exercise I got from it that I thought was healthy. I don’t think I would recommend this quickly to others unless they have a thing for heights and climbing stairs.

Here is the whole climb and the views:

That is actually a glass covering the hole.

This was not an easy climb so had to stop and recharge (by taking a picture, haha).

The piano in the tower.

Views of Mechelen!

The Old City Hall of Mechelen.

The views were worth the climb, that for sure.

Travel Period: November 2011
Destination: Mechelen (Antwerp), Belgium

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