Friday, March 02, 2012

Comfort food find in Utrecht: Kimchi and Seaweed

I am so thrilled to have finally found real KIMCHI here in Utrecht!

I am a kimchi fanatic, like a R-E-A-L fanatic. I can eat them everyday as a snack or a meal side dish and never tire of it. I mean, seriously.

When I used to live in Manila, I would swing by the Korean store near Rockwell in Makati City to buy home-made kimchi. The store is owned by Koreans so I knew that the kimchi I am getting is the real thing. Going there was a weekly tradition that I never fail to the point that the Korean lady already recognised me, haha.

This of course stopped when I moved to the Netherlands and ever since—for almost 10 years—I have never really found a single passable kimchi in the toko’s here. Until last week.

This is so far the best kimchi I have ever tasted in the country. It tastes almost close to Asia. A pot can last 2-3 days for me. If I have severe craving then its just 1 day.

I also bought some yummy crispy seaweed snack. Love them! Bought at: Toko Centraal Utrecht (the one beside Xenos).

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