Friday, April 06, 2012

Hej der Copenhagen

I left a very sunny Netherlands arriving in grey, cold and rainy Denmark. I was told though that yesterday was sunny in the city. Oh well, tough luck. Since the weather is not joining forces with my wishes I decided to take the day real easy. What I am really happy about is, I have free internet in my hotel room!

Here is a photo summary of what I did today...

Flew with KLM as usual. This is just minutes before touchdown. Visibility is bad but if you look carefully in the picture you can see the Oresund bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. Flight was OK but I was startled when the stewardess woke me up for the snack. I stared at her for 10 seconds trying to figure out who she was, what she is saying and where I was, then I realised that I am on the plane, lol.

Copenhagen International Airport or Københavns Lufthavne.

First thing I did was to buy the Copenhagen Card. I bought the 3 day card which will give me free transportation, entrances to majority of the museums and tours and discounts to restaurants and tourism related establishments.

Waiting for my train in the airport. I am getting off at the first stop: Copenhagen Central Station.

Arriving at Copenhagen Central Station. In Danish: Københavns Hovedbanegård or København H.

Checked in at my boutique hotel. It's a lovely hotel; in the lounge they have a library with a collection of leather bound old books in Danish from world renowned authors and poets. I will disclose the name of the hotel later.

Because it was raining my hairs started to curl a bit. Sometimes they become unmanageable that is why I hate rain.

After settling a bit in my lovely room, I went for a walk. This is the famous shopping street: Strøget.

Danish tarts and pastries look so pretty. No wonder they are famous for it. The Christianshavnertaerte looks yummy with the blueberries and strawberries on top.

I settled for a late lunch at Cafe Norden, the pretty building on the corner street with the green spikey mini towers. I met friendly locals here, a mother and daughter and will post more about the encounter on another entry.

1 EUR is about 7.4 DKK. I use my credit card anyway even for small purchases but thought its best to withdraw a few Danish Krones for pocket change.

Still full from my late lunch I decided to hang out at the bar for some Chianti Classico. This is my dinner.

Tomorrow weather forecasts say it will snow in the morning *gasp* but after 10AM the weather will get better and the sun will shine throughout the day *sigh of relief*. I hope!!!

Travel Period: April 2012
Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

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