Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Royal porcelain and a new Royal Café concept

I have been looking for a new set of porcelain for the house and have been thinking of gifting myself a whole new set for my birthday including the cutlery. My design style, which applies to home and objects is minimalist, monochromatic, contemporary and with a touch of the classics. I hate bric-a-bracs and cluttered design. I am not into colours. In the house, I can tolerate a few objects as accents like candles and a plant. I only have 1 plant at home—a bonsai.

In Copenhagen I came across this porcelain shop called ‘Royal Copenhagen’. They have shops all over the city, even in the airport. Royal Copenhagen porcelain is like Delft minimalist. I’m not fond of Delft porcelain. Not the Ming and Qing Dynasty porcelain girl as well. Not even Victorian. But in Royal Copenhagen’s collection I quite like the ‘Fluted Platinum’ set but not quite enough for me to buy it.

The Flagship store on Amagertorv/Stroget. The Danish man I met said that the facade can be misleading, it is not original.

This is the the set that I like, Fluted Platinum.

To see the whole set online go here: Royal Copenhagen - Fluted Platinum Set

Anyway, I seriously need to go out there and look for more options. It will not be an easy task I reckon...

Royal Copenhagen’s flagship store is located on Amagertov, on Stroget, the main shopping and longest street of Copenhagen. BUT, this post is not just all about porcelain! At the back of the Royal Copenhagen shop is a charming café called ‘The Royal Café’.

The Royal Café is a stylishly designed café, very modern, hip, chic, girlish and fresh. It’s a great place to have tea or coffee on a lazy afternoon in the city centre.

The concept of this café is based on ‘product placement’ around its manufacturers such as Royal Copenhagen (porcelain), Georg Jensen (watches & jewellery), Fritz Hansen ( furniture design), Bang & Olufsen (entertainment), Kvadrat (fabrics), Carlsberg (beer) and Holmegaard (glassworks).

I love it. It’s a brilliant concept! More information here: The Royal Cafe

I didn’t take lots of pictures inside because I felt awkward, but do take note though that for a café they close early at 17:00, and some days, 18:00.

Travel Period: April 2012
Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

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