Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I was sick (flu) on the second day during my trip to Copenhagen, but because I took 500mg paracetamols I was able to manage the 4-day Easter trip rather effortlessly. However, the bad news is that paracetamol can only help subside the fever temporarily, and eventually the fever comes back after several hours. It did.

The best way to fight the usual ‘under the weather’ type of sickness, and this is what I have learned here in the Netherlands, is to stay at home. Rest, drink lots of water and most importantly, stay away from medications. There is a Dutch term that we call it here that does not have an English translation: uitzieken. It means you just have to go through it (the sickness). To sick it out.

I like soup when I am sick. Dutchman helped make this soup for me last night and we still have lots over. I heated the soup for my late lunch today and added some caviar to taste.

Yesterday I was feeling brave and reported to work. We have a (software) training on the products of the software companies the company has recently taken over. It’s a bit crazy actually, like every 2 weeks our company is taking over another company somewhere in the world. The corporation is moving at a very fast pace and I would like to make sure that I am up-to-date with everything. However, towards mid-day I started feeling very tired and my eyes were getting warmer by the minute.

In Europe, going to work sick is not appreciated. They do not see this as a super working heroic act. In fact they see it as irresponsibility. You are a threat because you are a walking disease that can infect other people.

So I went home. I put my mobile phone on mute. I cancelled all my client meetings for the rest of the week—6 in total. Yes, I have a very busy schedule this week, 6 meetings in 3 days. I am not really happy being sick. Just thinking about the delay in work, the rescheduling, etcetera. But health first, as well as I can’t be having meetings and contaminating people around me.

Right now I have a fever and a headache brewing. Time for some tea and a nap I guess! I hope by the weekend I will feel much better.

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