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Underground museum of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

In the underground of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin you can find a museum. It is an exhibition of some of the known victims of the Holocaust.

The museum also holds the names of all known Jewish Holocaust victims that were obtained from the Israeli Holocaust museum, Yad Vashem. It’s a powerful database. You can go online and query names of the victims. This is a great initiative as it helps interested public to trace relatives lost to the Holocaust, or record them.

holocaut memorial berlin

Holocaust Memorial Museum Berlin
Website: Holocaust Memorial Museum Berlin

When Dutchman and I were there we encountered a very distressed middle aged man. He was crying and pointing to the pictures while having a conversation with himself. It was a disturbing scene and I was not really sure if he was normal or have totally lost it? Gloomy museums and places like these make people emotional. I’ve seen it, I have been to Auschwitz, the mother of all concentration camps and have seen people sobbing uncontrollably. This man was very, very distraught. I will never know his story but I feel for him.

Let me walk you through some of the pictures I took.

holocaust memorial berlin
Nazi soldiers (SS paramilitary killing squads) murder the Jews one by one. This led to soldiers experiencing severe emotional and pyschological stress. Because of this, the grand plan was created: extermination through the gas chamber.

holocaust memorial berlin
Auschwitz, Poland became the main concentration and extermination camp. It became the final destination for deportations from almost the whole of Europe.

holocaust memorial berlinholocaust memorial berlinholocaust memorial berlin
Pictures above were taken in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland during the train arrival and selection process. I have visited this place 2 years ago.

holocaust memorial berlin
Victims of the Holocaust. The third photo from the left is Etty from Drenthe, The Netherlands.

holocaust memorial berlinholocaust memorial berlin
Above are Etty's notes and postcards.

holocaust memorial berlin
At the back of the couple is a sign beside the door that says, 'Sterren uitverkocht' which means STARS ARE SOLD OUT. The nazi required the Jews to sew a Star of David on their clothes.

holocaust memorial berlin
Each country is represented by a personal story of a family that fell into the hands of the Nazi. For the Netherlands, it is the Peereboom family.

holocaust memorial berlin
Two survivors of the Holocaust protesting after the war.

holocaust memorial berlin
An incredible overview of the Nazi operation showing all the camps (transit camp, holding camp, concentration/work camp, extermination camp).

It’s alright to take pictures in the underground museum as long as you do not use flash. The museum is free of charge. Donations are welcome of course.

Travel Period: March 2012
Destination: Berlin, Germany

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