Saturday, May 12, 2012

In Germany: Condomat and Curry Wurst

On our way back to the Netherlands from our Berlin-Potsdam short holiday, we stopped by at a tank station along the highway to refuel and eat dinner. Fuel in Germany is cheaper than in the Netherlands. I guess every where else outside the Netherlands, fuel is cheaper.

And on my quick stop to the loo, I found this interesting vending machine on the wall:

The condomat, for your convenience and pleasure =)

A condomat, selling tampons, vaginal stimulation play gel, condoms of course in different flavours, and a mini vibrator. How straightforward can you get, haha!

Obviously the Germans are not shy and they aren’t prude either. I can see the existence of this vending machine as well in the Netherlands. Hmm, it would be interesting to know how much sales they get out of this.

For our tank-station-along-the-highway-dinner, I was looking forward to some fresh greens but it was rather late and the wilted salad greens on the salad bar looked like they were robbed off of life. On the other hand, the curry sausage looked crunchy, and it is warm. Oh what the heck, I gave in. It’s my last few minutes in Germany so I will eat the German way.

The curry wurst was actually quite nice. 4 stars out of 5. As for the potatoes, bleh.

Travel Period: March 2012
Destination: Germany (along the autobahn to the Netherlands)

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