Monday, May 14, 2012

Nyhavn Postcard

Nyhavn or New Haven is unquestionably Copenhagen’s or Denmark’s best landmark. It’s a lovely and lively place. Many would probably argue that (for the country’s landmark) it should be the Little Mermaid. Honestly, I don’t quite understand what’s all the fuss about this plain bronze female statue. For me, Nyhavn offers what Copenhagen is all about.

I have more pictures of Nyhavn. I will post them later on a separate entry once I am done polishing them. Polishing a picture for me is very basic—Picasa style, adjusting light and darkness and such only. I don’t have any Photoshop program and I don’t even know how this works.

Anyway, more pictures of Nyhavn soon. Promise!

Travel Period: April 2012
Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

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