Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cheeky Taxi Driver in Trinidad, Cuba

So after a late (and somewhat strange) lunch at 16:30 we decided it’s time to check out Trinidad town centre. We actually drove to Trinidad before checking in at our farm hotel and lunching there but we were met by an animated local (arms flying on the air) who seems to spend his time the whole day on a corner street spotting and blocking tourists arriving in rental cars from entering the historical town.

He says it’s no entry and that we have to park somewhere. He then gave us directions where to park but we know all too well that it’s going to be a long walk to the centre of town (we can be primadonnas at times) and we do not want to leave the car with our luggage in the trunk as well. Not a good idea.

So we went to the farm hotel, checked in and had late lunch. This time we thought of taking a cab to the town centre. Luckily, there was a taxi in front of the hotel that was just offloading a new arrival. Nothing could have been perfect timing such as this. I always thought that I am partly a lucky gal anyway.

The taxi driver was all smiles to us. I think he’s a ladies man because his eyes lit up, with that naughty sneering look, when he saw us, haha.

We did the negotiations and Blondine quickly got in the cab and I took a picture, of course.

He is a ladies man, haha!

On the way to Trinidad he was in full exuberance, he kept talking. He is one of those life-of-the-party types who can be friends with anybody. So we just went with the flow pretending we understood him haha. I do however understand Spanish a bit, which is indeed quite handy throughout our Cuban travels. A poquito Spanish can go a looooong way than nothing.

When we reached the town centre, I told the taxi driver that we’ll have a picture together. His eyes lit up again! Of course he wants to have a picture with me. Who would not want one? =)

And here it is:

Cheeky one! Stealing a kiss from me!!!

As you can see he enjoyed it and he doesn’t give a feck if he stole it, haha.

It caught me off guard really and Blondine was like, EEWWW, dirty old man, what was he doing. OK, fine, I caught the bastard on camera and will expose him in this blog. I told you he is a ladies man =)

Taxi drive from Finca Maria Dolores to Trinidad town centre is CUC$5 (one-way). It is about 3-4 kilometres.

And oh, a lot of people mistake Trinidad, the historical town in Cuba for Trinidad and Tobago, another island in the Caribbean. So to make things clear, we have not taken a boat and rowed over to Trinidad and Tobago. We are in Trinidad, Cuba.

Travel Period: May 2012
Destination: Trinidad, Cuba

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