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A different kind of dining experience: SupperClub Cruise Amsterdam

I have to say hats off to SupperClub Cruise Amsterdam for truly delivering a different kind of dining experience. Although the food here was quite good, ultimately, for this kind of restaurant you come here to be surprised and be entertained. Yes, those are the correct verbs. Be surprised and be entertained.

If you are familiar with SupperClub, they have popularised the communal dining on a bed concept. There are 2 SupperClubs in Amsterdam, the original SupperClub restaurant and the SupperClub Cruise. The difference between the two is of course easy, SupperClub Cruise is housed in a boat that sails on the Het IJ River.

I ordered a rose and then 2 more glasses of red wine while Dutchman had beer, cola and a tonic. He is my chauffeur =). So you dine on a big communal bed side by side with everyone, no big table and chairs and shoes off please (and make sure your feet do not stink!)

The philosophy of this unconventional restaurant is the feasting of our senses. Anything can happen here they say but there are 2 main surprises during the entire dinner show experience.

Let us start with the first: The FOOD

The 4-course menu is a surprise menu! You will only know what they will serve you right on the spot. Everyone on the boat gets the same thing. Of course you can always inform them ahead of time if you have food preferences, such as being a vegetarian or hating a specific food item.

Starter: Salmon with salad greens which was very refreshing. Typically Dutch soup literally served in a tin can: Pea soup (erwten) and Dutch ragout balls (bitterballen). This was a surprise and really good.

Main course: Roasted lamb with sauce and asparagus and potato on the side. Dessert in a Wok-in-a-box: Ice cream and yoghurt with strawberries, peanut butter caramel and walnut toppings. I am not the sweet tooth type but this one I did not share with the Dutchman! They served the best (the dessert) for last.

Then we move on to the next surprise: The ENTERTAINMENT

Diners are not only entertained by cool music and a live DJ, but a real act. Well, it was more like an alternative something different kind of show act. You’ll only find out about the act on site when it starts. From what I know, they do not do the same acts. It is always a different show altogether each time.

Our very 'interesting' entertainment show. He just out of the blue came in to the dining bed hall and kind of freak entertain us haha! If you are impatient, fast forward to 1:40 and watch it till the end =). I think my filming skills here have improved a bit.

After dinner some of the groups stayed for more dancing and flirting with each other. There were 2 gay diners who did a lap dance on air--hanging act! Wow, I could not get my eyes off them haha. And the bride-to-be from the orange-haired Hen group did a walk show for us.

Our waitress also told us that there are NO rules in the SupperClub Cruise. You can do whatever you want. I guess you can go crazy as well!? She herself was dressed in a see-through blouse and she has 2 black bandages plastered X on both her nipples. No bra. She was offering her services as well to interesting individuals who want their nipples X-bandaged and then photographed. Her colleague was also dressed interestingly. You see, I only see these kinds of daring outfits bordering fetish and bondage during Gay Pride Parade in Amsterdam.

Moreover, you can watch the sunset as well on the boat’s deck as it sails back and forth on the river Het IJ. Dutchman and I managed to catch the beautiful sunset.

We checked the upper deck of the boat as it sails on river Het IJ in Amsterdam.

In summary Dutchman and I enjoyed this unconventional dining experience. It’s quite different! I know for sure that this type of dining experience is not for everyone, especially if you are the traditional and conservative type, this will not go well with you. However, if you are the open, liberal, modern, creative and alternative type, this could be a great place for you to enjoy the night.

Food rating: 4.2 stars out of 5 and as for experience, it was one of a kind =). Highly recommended!

Visit Period: June 2012
Destination: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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