Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Detour in Lesvos: Goat traffic ahead

Dutchman and I just barely made this goat traffic, for less than a minute actually, before this assembly of goats took the highway.

This is why we love Greece!

Especially here in Lesvos (Lesbos) Island, the locals are still very old-fashioned, sticking to their way of doing things such as goat herding. The island thrives in agricultural livelihood, as well as tourism on the side. Take this: the ‘goat’ is what the cow is to the Dutch and the carabao is to the Filipinos.

Two nights ago, while Dutchman and I were driving the scooter on the way back to the north from Skala Kalloni, we encountered another goat surprise. A relatively matured goat with big horns spirited across the dark road while we were 50+ metres approaching. It was one of those —Oh wow, what was that!?—moment, and honestly it can be heart stopping too, but thankfully the goat was not that close enough to cause panic, or for our hearts to stop beating. We were alerted ahead of time. Whew!

That is a good thing I am sure, because we do not have enough space in the scooter for another passenger, especially when that passenger has 4 kicking legs and 2 dangerous big horns.

We are switching our cute Italian scooter with a car soon.

Travel Period: June-July 2012
Destination: Kalloni (Lesvos Island - North Aegean), Greece

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