Friday, July 13, 2012

Greek Food: Stifado and Kalamarakia at Restauran Paraside on Anaxos Beach

We made sure to patronise resident tavernas in Lesbos for our brunches, lunches and dinners. It’s the best way to experience indigenous cuisine and support the local community as well. We also did our best to spread out our local culinary experiences by eating in different cafes and restaurants every day. I don’t think we ate twice in the same restaurant, which is good, as we are distributing the business opportunity to as many native restaurant business owners as much as possible.

Anyway, one evening in Anaxos, we dined at the ‘Restaurant Paradise’ on the beach boulevard. Dutchman and I made a pact that evening that he will stop ordering the usual western European influenced foods, at least for the night, and try Greek instead.

Greek food: Grilled calamari

Greek food: Stifado

I ordered the ‘Grilled Kalamarakia’ (grilled squid) and he ordered the ‘Stifado’—a lamb stew (beef and rabbit as well) with pearl onions, vinegar, red wine and cinnamon, which is a recommendation from moi. Dutchman loved it, and my grilled squid was nice as well.

All in all, the food is 4 stars out of 5. Restaurant Paradise is one of the main and busy family-run tavernas on Anaxos Beach.

The restaurant by night.

The restaurant by day.

Travel Period: June-July 2012
Destination: Lesvos Island (Petra), Greece

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